Proyecto Óyenos

Categories: Commercial

IN THE MIND OF AN ARTIST WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.Located in a shopping center in Guatemala City, an unprecedented project appears, it´s art, custom design for McCafe Bistro, acceptance and opportunity!  We welcome you to the world of Griselda Sánchez, a Guatemalan artist with special needs that inspired SOLISCOLOMER Architects for this amazing project, as part of the Oyenos series of Coffee shops. It may not be with words, Griselda like all her colleagues who attends, the creation center for people with special educational needs, express their emotions through this Art projects.The design of the cafe aims to take the user inside one of Griselda´s paintings, which reflect the way she relates to the exterior world, the people and emotions that relate daily with her. This paintings are full of deep warm colors, with soft and imperfect round shapes.  You have a complete immersion in Griseldas paintings that take you to her loving and happy way of being. We live in a society that has very little expectations of people with special needs that suffer discrimination and have the challenge of incorporating to the productive world that would give their life more meaning. This project generates a different perception showing that they can be economically productive and opens opportunities for inclusion.