McCafé San Lucas

Categories: Commercial

San Lucas Sacatepequez develops organically along the Interamerican Highway. This road serves as a connector between Guatemala City and other urban and tourist centers of great importance such as Antigua Guatemala and Quetzaltenango. As a result its economy and character are tied to the constant movement and change. Shops , malls and stores are developed along the road and many travelers both local and tourists stop to buy handmade furniture and local handicrafts. The design of the new McCafé San Lucas aims to develop a place that reflects the character of this city scene. The space of the shop is dominated by a curved plane that runs throughout the restaurant symbolizing the constant flow of traffic. The texture and the play of light and shadow created by the repetition of vertical elements give a sense of movement, change and dynamism. Around this curved plane the coffe shop takes place , characterized by the use of furniture that blends contemporary design , warm colors and typical motifs of the place unfold. The use of wood provides warmth to the room and relates the different crafts that use wood as raw material .

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