McCafé El Zapote

Categories: Commercial

With the common goal of reinventing the coffee shop space in Guatemala, McCafé and SOLIS COLOMER ARQUITECTOS started exploring new ideas that could represent and talk about to the locals and the rest of the world. Based on this vision, McCafé El Zapote presents an open space surrounded by a uniform three-dimensional skin, formed by thousands of wooden blocks that express three main concepts: The Passage, a traditional architectural element found in emblematic public buildings in the historical downtown in Guatemala, such as Pasaje Aycinena and Pasaje Rubio. These evoke many pleasant and nostalgic memories to the habitants of these neighborhoods and will also tell new stories to the upcoming generations. The Pixels, an essential component in today’s technology, is incorporated to this project as a mesh or skin. This mesh creates a texture, conformed by thousands of dots or “voxels” that together define and guard this intimate space. Tree’s Shadow, an ideal space under which people can enjoy the incomparable climate in our country. The wooden mesh, structured with solid components specifically arranged, allows sun light filtration to create an environment of privacy, security, and protection in the interior spaces. It also delimitates the area and provides shadow in the tables, creating an exquisitely pleasant space at any time of the day or night. Finally, the design doesn’t deny the local construction methods or materials. We adopted a system in which the world’s high technology and the local materials and techniques converged and came up with amazing results.