Mc Café Salvador del Mundo

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With the goal of reinventing the “coffee shop” in Central America, McDonald´s and SOLISCOLOMER Arquitectos have explored new ideas in order to create a coffee shop that has a unique identity, that tells a specific story, even though is part of a restaurant chain that wishes to open many stores in different locations in different countries. So the answer was to relate each of the new McCafé stores with the context in which they are located, giving the users a place that they could identify as their own, and acting as local culture reference to the world. The project is located in front of the emblematic Plaza “Salvador del Mundo”, in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, which is a important symbol of the city. The area around this monument, includes trendy restaurants, shopping centers and large mixed-use buildings that help create the contemporary scene of the city. Reason why was decided that these store should have a more contemporary and urban feel. From the “McCafe Zapote” experience in Guatemala, a successful project in which a space was generated based on a contemporary language (pixels), it was decided to explore on the same idea. We believe that the review of a past project can serve as a platform to develop new ideas and create projects with different approaches. The original project consisted of a three-dimensional grid formed by the repetition of small elements in wood, acting as “pixels”, that created a space similar to a passage in which the McCafe store took place. So the new project explores different ways in which this language can be expressed, creating new elements applied to the specific situation of McCafe Salvador del Mundo. – 3d Language: The main area of the coffee is contained within an area covered by a 3D grid formed by the repetition of wooden elements which, when interacting with light, creates an atmosphere similar to being under the shade of a tree. – 2d Language: In other areas of the McCafe different planes were drilled with the same repetitive pattern, obtaining screens that filter light and create “pixelated” visuals of the store and the environment. In the main facade, these screens are interrupted so that the coffee has a direct view to the Plaza Salvador del Mundo, integrating the most important icon of the city to the McCafe. – Objects: We experimented with different ideas on how to create objects based on the same repetitive pattern used in the store. The Café lamps are the result of this experiment, which are read as an exaggerated extrusion of the typical pattern. Thus, the new McCafe Salvador del Mundo becomes a space with different environments as a result of the manipulation of a resource previously used , generating a new set of resources that limits the space of the Café. In addition, the store is integrated to the most important icon of the City San Salvador, La Plaza Salvador del Mundo.

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