Mc Café Cobán

Categories: Commercial

With the goal of reinventing the “coffee shop” in Central America, McDonald´s and SOLISCOLOMER Arquitectos have explored new ideas in order to create a coffee shop that has a unique identity, that tells a specific story, even though is part of a restaurant chain that wishes to open many stores in different locations in different countries. So the answer was to relate each of the new McCafé stores with the context in which they are located, giving the users a place that they could identify as their own, and acting as local culture reference to the world. The project is placed in Cobán, north of Guatemala, which means “place in the clouds”, and is known for having an important natural wealth, mountains with a variety of species of flora and fauna contained within the rain forests of the region. It is also the home of “Quetzal”, the natural bird and “Monja Blanca” one very special kind of orchid, two of the most representative symbols of Guatemala. “We wanted the user to experience little anecdotes of the natural life in Coban, through the environments that are generated within the store. Small niches that reference caves; OSB paneling reference the rustic and natural presence of wood; Oval screens distributed in different heights, relate to the light and open protection that foliage does in a forest. These are some of the resources used for the new McCafé, which transports its users to the nature paradise of Cobán. We believe that this sort of spaces, besides being poetic, should be fun and relaxed, so we integrated elements that are less serious, that are more about daily domestic life. We chose kitsch elements, endow the space of literal and funny anecdotes that users can read and identify as their own , strengthening the bond of users with the store. Small acrylic bird figures, handcrafted lamps and an eclectic array of birdhouses are the elements that were chosen to complement the natural space of McCafe Cobán. Thus, the new McCafé Cobán transports its users from the urban life to the rainforest of Cobán, creating an environment where the user can relax and enjoy the different products in the store.