Café Bistro del Paseo

Categories: Commercial

Café Bistro del Paseo was developed in a cultural area that is in constant development, Distrito 4 Grados Norte, wanted to create a artistic-recreational landmark in the Zone 4 area of Guatemala City as part of a strategy to revitalize various sectors near the historic center of the Capital city. The project was developed in an area of major pedestrian traffic in the District, so that the objective was that the building would not only be attractive for the people passing by but that it would also act as an icon to represent the artistic environment in line with the image of the master plan for the area. In this way Café Bistro del Paseo is developed based on two main concepts: –        The first is the scenography. The project looks to denote different environments in which the users can transport themselves into different places and experimented varied sensations within one space. Be it in the romantic booths carefully placed in the garden area or in the cosmopolitan living rooms scattered in the interior of the restaurant. –        The exchange with nature: The project recognizes nature as a vital part of itself, creating an exchange with a double language.  The first, the abstract language, is represented with elliptical screens suspended from the ceiling with impressions of vegetation motifs, which create an analogy of eating under a tree. The second, the literal language, if found in the garden in the façade, forcing the user to discover the project as they move along a garden with different types of vegetation. The mixture of these two ideas creates spaces with a heterogeneous composition, with objects, furniture and ornaments that possesses their own language but functioning together in a uniform way throughout the project.  The mixture of saturated tones in a balanced palette of colors is the background that makes all of the elements set as part of the same composition. In this way SOLISCOLOMER activates an artistic space that not only satisfies the functions of a restaurant but also increases the potential this relatively new cultural center.