The Firm

About Us

We want to serve people by filling their lives with special solutions that have been frequently edited in a disciplined and sensitive way. Never forgetting where we come from and where we are going.

Vision: At SOLISCOLOMER we seek to propose a new Latin American architecture that represents us today; as a tribute to our culture.

Mission: At SOLISCOLOMER we are a team of architects passionate about creating architecture that explore possibilities, excite and inspire the community.

Our Values

  • DETAILS: Fanatical attention to detail.
  • INNOVATION: Research experimentation and dialogue in everything we do.
  • THE PERSON: We value the person with whom we work.
  • SERVICE: We understand the profession as a personalized service.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Understand user needs to add value.
  • QUALITY: Extraordinary quality in everything we do from the design to the operation that supports it..