Mc Café Los Próceres

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With the goal of reinventing the “coffee shop” in Central America, McDonald´s and SOLISCOLOMER Arquitectos have explored new ideas in order to create a coffee shop that has a unique identity, that tells a specific story, even though is part of a restaurant chain that wishes to open many stores in different locations in different countries. So the answer was to relate each of the new McCafé stores with the context in which they are located, giving the users a place that they could identify as their own, and acting as local culture reference to the world. The project is located on “Boulevard Los Próceres”, a big financial hub in San Salvador with lots of office buildings that abound in corporate culture presence. The stress of work and the accelerated life of the users make the new McCafé Los Próceres the ideal place for people to relax and escape the city life. The project’s concept tries to be an answer to the needs of the specific user of the store, offering a much needed relaxing atmosphere that will transport him to a peaceful place in his mind. We Thought about how these place would be, the image carved in the user’s imagination to which he will go whenever he thinks of resting. After some research we discovered that the “Coatepeque” Lake, was the place where this executives will go seeking tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, the new McCafé design will be based on the image of the lake that the users have, the one they daydream when they are at work. So we fragmented the typical images, translating each of its parts into a specific area of the space, in a more conceptual take, clients will be transported in a progressive withdrawal to this natural environment. All the Café has white washed wood paneling with a very rustic finish, as a reference to the quayside decks, that are so important in the materials and textures experienced at the lake. The same happens with the branches, where usually people will be staying when looking at the lake. The colors of the furniture, the treatment of the stained glass walls, are some of the resources used to create in the new McCafé a “escaping to the lake” experience. The user, upon entering the McCafe, will perceive different clues that relate him to his favorite place to relax: the warmth of the atmosphere, the mixture of colors, the shade of the branches, everything gradually transports them to this place of peace, which culminates with a showcase that frames the view of a mural developed in front of the shop. This mural is a pixelated image of Coatepeque Lake, which is presented as a fun and abstract composition of the image that served as a script for the design of the new McCafe Los Próceres.

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